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Friday, December 25, 2009

Hot File Earnings and Improve your Earning.

Hot File Earnings and How to Improve your Earning.

As you are now on my blog and may be downloading some Video, but do you know that actually it's me who is in benefit by your download. I get paid by hotfile for your downloads. As you must be knowing rapidshare gives points to convert to premium member, hotfile gives you dollar instead of points.

I would like to share with you one of the many opportunities to make money using the Internet. Forget about surfing sites that pay a penny-per-view and Clicking through the pages, and some of them do not pay. I offer you another way of earnings, requiring no capital investment.

1. Sign up for Hotfile.com and upload files, I will definitely guide you to 20$ per day
2.. Upload porn, Movies or warez to hotfile.com
3. Post your link to as many forum as possible but remember forum must have 200 members active all time. I post my porn to 25 forums daily twice.
4. When you sign under me mail me at allgames4all@gmail.com and I will provide you will List of 20 excellent forums + List of 500 other forums.
5. Remember to update your paypal information under "Edit Account"
6. Get money for your files, every 1000 downloaded can fetch you 5 $ -15 $

This is interesting:
There have been cases when a file is downloaded 100,000 times.
My Paris Hilton and Britney files gets some 1200 download daily
There have been cases when a file is downloaded 100,000 times when any scandal is new.
Now let me calculate how much you can earn.

Say You uploaded one file then Go to different forums and Post Description of the file and a picture with your hotfile link description.

When you publish any ordinary stuff too, the number of downloads from one site is about 30-40, but if a popular program, porn or warez then Sky is the Limit.

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Just Posting an example of earning of one of hotfile uploader.

Calculation for single file:
30 downloads per forum x 10 forums post = 300 download per day.
30 days x 300 per day = 9000 downloads
calculation: 9000, with 10$ per 1000 download = 90$ for easy work and if your file is interesting then u can get 9000 download in single day.

And how interesting you make your topic of file in forum depends on you! Remember to post every 4-5 days in forum as your post will then reach to first page again.

Now look
Time spent downloading a file, it depends on the speed of your internet (take 40 minutes)
Time to publish reports of 10 portals (about 20 minutes)
Number of publications in the month 30 days / 4 (once every 4 days) = 7
Total time spent 7 x (40 min + 20 min) = 7 hours
7 hours of work you can get 50-100 U.S. dollars easily
Where to take the files if you have anything interesting there? Again the answer is simple - go to any file portal, choose one of two recently published file, download and then place a link to your 10 portals quickly.

It should also take into account that if you can charge to attract more. The referral system gives 20% of what person joined under you is earning.
So, again, include the brain,
How many of you have friends? Well, probably 5-10.
I promise not to make them! Just demonstrate, as you earn ... And all they want, but who does not want to receive additional income.

Sign as my referral, mail me and get auto-forum poster and list of many active forums to work with.

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One of my Referrals earnings
I now have 6 blogs with different types of files.

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  1. Joined under you and received the mail. Thanks for forum Poster but can you please send porn forum list once more..


  2. Heyy, thanks for the explaining this stuff but it needs dedication and interest to work with file hosting. Signed up, mailed you and waiting for free stuff. Thanks in advance.


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